One Guy’s Perspective on How to Get Hired

How to Hire-and Get Hired-in a Recession is a good article about job-hunting and the current market. Tough? Yes. Opinionated. Absolutely . But a lot of what he says is true now and in any job market or economic situation. Employers want the best people. Job seekers have to show why they’re the best person. Easier said than done.

Highlights for job seekers:

– candidates have to work harder to come out on top, and not be afraid to show it (by the way, this doesn’t always mean more hours)

– focus in on what employers may be looking for and be prepared in an interview (check out the questions about halfway through the article)

– you MUST be able to prove your value, right now positions who are not directly selling or perceived as bringing in money are considered the most dispensable so prove your ROI to the employer

– employers are looking for people who are not just hard workers, but who can (positively) impact the business right now

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