Check out The Fuse Factory this weekend!

Check out < /marked up>, a weekend-long event hosted by The Fuse Factory.

< /marked up> is for artists, musicians, designers, K-16 students, educators, and others who:

  • Want to create interactive art, information visualization, and/or personal software tools
  • Want to combine art, design, interaction, engineering, robotics, and computer science
  • Want exposure to visually-oriented learning tools
  • Want a more expressive way of teaching programming and computer arts
  • Want to learn how to program their own software, but don’t know where to start

Event breakdown:

July 17th 7pm – 10pm @ Sandbox Columbus: Reception and experimental showcase featuring the work of video artist Daniel Martinico and interactive media artist Ira Greenberg

July 18th 10am – 5pm @ Sandbox Columbus: Hands-on workshops

July 18th 8pm – 10pm @ Wild Goose Creative: Evolution Control Committee Wheel of Mashup performance

July 19th 1pm – 5pm @ Corkboard: Interactive Game Hack-a-Thon

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