Do you really need a Facebook page for your business?

The short answer is yes. I attended Social Media Summer Camp this morning at sparkspace and Todd Swickard of People To My Site provided these surprising Facebook statistics:

  • More than 4 million users become fans of pages daily
  • Facebook users share more than 1 billion forms of content each week
  • Site membership grew 85% in 2008
  • Currently, there are more than 150 million users (54 million unique visitors per month)
  • 85% of users are between 18-54 years old
  • Facebook is the #2 site behind Google…beating Yahoo!

So what are you waiting for!? Go ahead and create a company page to promote your business, post events, create polls (something we’ll be doing very soon!), share photos, link your blog, send updates to fans, start a discussion- the list goes on with news apps being developed every day. Check out ours at

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