A Day in the Life: Q+A with Destiny Evans


My name is Destiny Evans and I am a senior at The Ohio State University. I am majoring in Strategic Communications with hopes of working in the cosmetic or fashion industry one day. I am originally from Cleveland, OH, but I have lived in Columbus full time for 2 years. During the day I have the opportunity to work with a company that people only dream of working for! A creative environment with intellectuals who want to see me achieve so many things! When I’m not at Portfolio Creative I am in class or at home brainstorming new ideas for my brand in progress Good Girl.



I wake up at 8 am every day sometimes with work at 9 or class at 9:45. I try to eat smoothies in the morning before class or work so that I can fuel my day with something other than campus food. In most of my classes, all I do is write, write, write. In my writing for strategic communications course, I learn how to write for news, broadcast and many other communication writing forms. I am excited that I get the opportunity to create real writing samples for my portfolio and work on becoming a hireable candidate.



When I’m not in class I am usually at 18th Avenue Library working on work for the week or I am babysitting which has become kind of a part-time job in between jobs. It gives me the flexibility to work when I want so that I can focus more on my last year of school. It also keeps extra money in my pocket to plan trips around my school breaks.


I have a twin sister whom I live with along with a good friend. We enjoy cooking meals together and brainstorming for our lives after graduation. We are all very ambitious and goal driven so I am always looking for our next adventure!

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