A Day in the Life: Q+A with Bart Browne


My name is Bart Browne, I’m a Freelance Illustrator with a mid-century modern flair; I’m also an adjunct professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design. After living in Baltimore, Maryland for eight years I’m currently living and working in Columbus, Ohio, where I was born and raised. 


It took me a while to understand that my best hours of the day are between 5 and 9 AM- which is rather inconvenient. Being self-employed (making your own hours) it’s tempting to sleep in, I’ve found what really helps me jump out of bed in the morning is a breakfast I can look forward to. Typically something healthy, like a donut and three cups of coffee (and a handful of vitamins).


Because I usually get in a 10 hour day before 3 o’clock, I’m ready to unwind by the early afternoon. Maybe take the dog for a walk, hit the library, work on projects around the house, take care of yard work; basically trying to exercise, be productive, and relax all at once.

tm aug main full page flat copy.jpg


When the evening rolls around I’m ready to actually relax. If I have any creative juices left at that point, I’ll work on personal projects, play some guitar, or do some woodworking. If not, or If the isolation of working from home is getting to me, I’ll get together with friends to shoot pool, go mini-bowling, or just play some Nintendo.

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