Try Before You Buy

Why not try before you buy?

By Catherine Lang-Cline

What could be better then to try before you buy? What better way is there for you to be absolutely sure you want something, then to take something, use it for a while and make perfectly sure it is a fit for your needs?

Car dealerships do this. They have you take the car home. Park the car in your garage. Then bring it back. Do you want your old car back? In most cases, you do not. But what if it doesn’t fit in your garage?

The same thing works well when hiring people for your company. Ask any business owner about the expense of hiring a person. It is not a bad investment if you have found the perfect candidate. But what if you have not? 

There are some people who are great interviewers and bad employees. And what about the person who is a bad interviewer? You could miss out on a great fit because a person was nervous about the meeting. Some people look really good on paper. But once you get hire them, they don’t live up to their resume.

Using a placement agency that allows you to bring someone in on a trial basis could be a perfect solution. It is a time and cost savings to not only have a temp firm review and send you ideal candidates, but also to have them pay the candidate until you know whether or not a person is a fit for your position.

If you have someone come in and show you what they can do, you will know if they can do the job at the level of your expectations. You can better gauge what a good salary would be for them based on performance. And best of all, you can see if they are a good personality fit with the rest of your team. If it proves to be a poor fit, you can just end the assignment. If it is a great fit, you can make an offer that works for you all. But the burden is no longer on you. It is on your placement agency. And if you have a good one, you’ll get the best person every time.

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