Three Creatives in 24 Hours: Staffing for One of the Largest Pediatric Hospitals  

Vacancies cost money, especially when the individuals you’re missing are key players. While the time allotted for finding candidates varies, it can still lead to reduced productivity and affect overall team morale.

Here is how we helped one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the US find the right employees in 24 hours!

The Obstacle

It started with several needs on the Creatives Services and Marketing teams. The pediatric hospital was looking for a technical writer, a graphic designer, and a traffic manager. While these functions do not directly deal with their patients, there is still a gap in their operations. They didn’t want to risk compromising quality and reputation by waiting too long.

After all, their company consists of about 12,000 employees—that’s how big they are! And while these three positions were just a fraction of their workforce, they were still enough to impact their operations.

When their Traffic Manager left, it created numerous obstacles and missed deadlines. This role was a key player, and the absence of an essential resource was critical for their operational efficiency and reputation. They needed someone with experience in internal creative agency coordination who could see the bigger picture inside and outside the organization.

But operations weren’t the only place with a gap; there was one in communications, too.

They also needed a Technical Writer with the unique ability to craft communications that catered to their diverse audience, both in print and on the web, without compromising compliance. This individual was vital due to the highly regulated nature of their industry.

Finally, they needed a Graphic Designer to ensure that every visual element aligned with their brand guidelines and delivered the impact they needed, all while handling sensitive information.

The Solution

Our dedicated account manager took the reins and dove headfirst into gathering all the nitty-gritty details to find ideal candidates tailored to the hospital’s unique needs. They teamed up closely with the sourcing team, making the whole process lightning-fast.

Our meticulous pre-screening and vetting process made all the difference. It wasn’t just about finding candidates with impressive skills. We made sure to match their values with the hospital’s goals. No detail was left unspoken. We didn’t just hand over candidates; we made sure the hospital had all the resources they needed for total success. We safeguarded the hospital’s brand integrity and encouraged open, honest feedback.

Our commitment? It didn’t fade after placement. We stayed in the loop with the client and candidates, ensuring everyone had what they needed to feel confident and taken care of.

We’ve earned so much trust that clients often skip candidate interviews. Building lasting relationships through open communications with both clients and candidates is one of our core values. It’s not just about finding talent; it’s about delivering top-notch service and ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

Our motto is simple:

“If we wouldn’t hire them ourselves, we wouldn’t present them to our client.”

The Outcome

In the US, filling a position typically takes around 40 days—yet we pulled off what seemed impossible. We provided the pediatric hospital with top-notch candidates within just 24 hours!

We had multiple talented candidates for each position but only proposed one candidate for each role to our client. Now, why was that important? Because even though we had other talented candidates in our pipeline, we were absolutely confident of our top picks. We knew we didn’t need to send multiple applicants; we led with our best choice.

And we were right. Each one of them was hired.

We take our commitment to our clients seriously. So much so that we make it a point to protect their time and resources in the hiring process, too. Our dedication to matching perfect candidates with our client companies is at the core of our identity.

It’s all about quality, not quantity.

Filling these roles not only met the hospital’s urgent needs but also saved them approximately $17,000 in avoided downtime and reduced productivity based on the contributions of the roles to the business and the operational costs incurred if they had taken the typical hiring time.

Portfolio Creative exemplifies how a staffing firm can be lightning-fast, trustworthy, and committed to top-notch quality. Like with the pediatric hospital, we ensure all our clients get the talent they need without compromising quality or their brand’s reputation.

We are here for you and ready to give you back time to focus on other important priorities in your business.

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NOVEMBER 6, 2023

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