It’s the Little Things

We’ve been very honored to receive some fantastic awards and media attention lately, which got me thinking about how that’s all come about. Honestly, it’s a lot of little things adding up to something big. Which is true with pretty much everything in life.

Success rarely comes from one dramatic event or happening, rather from the accumulation of many little events and choices. Some of which may not even seem very significant at the time. Saying Hi to one person at a meeting, who then finds out what you do and shares that information with one of their friends, who happens to work somewhere you’re interested in. And it leads to a great job.

Or giving someone a dog poo bag, then you start chatting and realize they’re someone you’ve talked to but never met. And then it turns out that they are in an organization you should know about but didn’t, so they send you a link. And from that organization you’re able to get in touch with some people you really needed to meet. This just happened to me!

So, what are the little things that have made a difference in your life lately? And how can you do more little things that will add up to big things? I’m going to keep focusing on the little things, knowing they’ll lead to the big things.