How A Staffing Firm Can Help Your Already Stellar HR Team

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Your HR Team is fantastic. They are the pulse-point to all things involving employees. But finding the perfect new person for your team may have to sometimes take a back seat if your HR department is slowed down with current employee issues, unemployment issues, keeping up-to-date on government regulations, keeping up-to-date on healthcare coverage, and more. That’s where an outside staffing firm can be their partner, and take the burden off finding perfect team members off of their to-do list.

Nothing feels better than good delegation. By creating a partnership between your HR department and your staffing firm, you can trust that you’ll find ideal candidates quickly and easily because that is all the staffing firm is focused on. They can do the research, find the candidates, get their resumes in order and only present the good ones. They can also help you schedule interviews and negotiate rates. This is their specialty.

Far from costing your company money, the staffing firm can often save it, because their specialization and expertise allows them to perform at a lower cost. They already know the people they’re going to send. You don’t have to spend money advertising for roles, paying for job boards, etc. They already have a great network of their own and can typically drop everything to get a search moving. Not to mention, they assume most of the risk when working with a candidate you have never met.  And don’t forget you can try someone out as a temp before hiring. This is an additional savings in on-boarding if you want to make sure you have the right fit or want to determine if the role is necessary for a permanent position.

Since most small companies cannot afford an HR team to take care of all the demands laid upon them to keep the company moving forward, it can be a huge benefit to plug into a staffing or recruiting team to help check a few things off of the list.  Savvy business owners seek ongoing partnerships with staffing specialists as a way to affordably enhance their HR efficiency.