Working Together

By Chris Cochran

Let’s get off to a great start working together! If you’re our new client, you want us to fill the first search you’ve given us. If you’re a client we’ve partnered with in the past, you want us to fill the search you’ve just given us. We want to deliver a solution on that and we do – that’s what’s kept us thriving in this business for nine years.

If you’re a candidate coming to us for the first time or whether we’ve had success working together with you in the past, you want us to get you a great gig. We want that, too. I love what I do because I get to improve and make a difference in the lives of creative people.

Getting off to a great start is key whether you’re a client or candidate. Two important factors are honesty and communication. Those may seem like a given when considering what matters, but the lack of those two things are usually what causes the biggest challenges during a search.

Clients should provide us with a clear understanding of the role once they themselves have their internal parties aligned with these same understandings. If the role is a hybrid (one role that’s comprised of two different responsibilities that has been created – usually due to a termination of some type within the organization), expectations for success should be understood. Finding a perfect hybrid candidate is an extremely difficult task due to the imperfect creation of the role. Decide what matters most and then be open to a second aspect of the role that perhaps someone could grow into. I would advise flexibility when determining a solution for these kinds roles. Honest feedback is another must-have when working with a search and staffing firm. We’re listening for the cues you may or may not realize you’re giving us. We can pivot our attention to a more appropriate candidate if you lay the truth on us.

We recommend that candidates tell us what’s happening with their search – what exactly is it you want to do, what else do you have going on and are there any other opportunities that may be competing for your attention. You will have greater success with a recruiter by keeping them abreast of every detail of your search effort. Surprises are never a good thing when talking with prospective employers – especially ones that make you an offer only to hear that you have another offer that you’ll have to weigh against. Another important aspect is your feedback. We want to know what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling. Aligning the right company culture with your desires can often come down to what you feel the place is like and the feelings you have for the people you’ve met. Talk with us about this stuff.

Success happens when everyone involved works together to ensure the perfect match.