Why You Need a Creative Recruiter in 2015


By Katie Speers

How many of you started off the year full of good intentions? You were going to exercise every day, lose that extra spare tire or finally take the time to do something daily to make a personal or professional difference. You were going to improve your quality of life both in the office and at home. Many of us started the new year fresh with idealistic goals. So, how do we take the next step and make them a reality.  

If you are like me, you are managing a daily juggling act in order to keep up with the demands of work, family and modern life in general. Most of us wake up and go to bed attached to technology and don’t go a day without multi-tasking. So, how can you make your life easier?  How can you filter some of the overload of constant communication and tasks in order to  make yourself and your company more productive?  

It is simple. Find the experts who can make your life easier. You hire an accountant to do your taxes and a physician to guide your health, so why not use a creative recruiter to help find that next great employee.  

Portfolio Creative realizes that time is money. Finding the right human resources is integral to the success of your business and that is how we can help. We are active members of the creative community and have inside knowledge of the top talent looking for new opportunities.  We understand that a candidate not only has to have the right background and skills, but has to be a cultural fit for your organization.  

We simplify the process for you. You no longer have to sift through hundreds of resumes with the hope to find a handful of qualified candidates. We do that for you. And, because we know our talents’ strengths, we do it quickly allowing you to get an new employee on board much faster.  

Creative roles solve clients’ problems and evolving design challenges. As our world changes at an exponential speed, the challenge hiring managers face is locating the talent that is keeping up with emerging trends. Let Portfolio Creative help you get some time back and stay ahead of the curve in 2015.