Hottest Jobs 2016: Marketing and Web in Top Ten

By Kristen Harris

CareerBuilder’s recently released List of Hottest Jobs for 2016 highlights shortages in the marketing/creative sector. Which means opportunity for both those in the field and anyone interested in joining it.

Of the 20 hottest jobs, Marketing Manager is #3, and Web Developer is #9. What exactly does this mean?

Long answer…the list is comprised of occupations where more ads were posted than people hired. It also includes other data to indicate that these are well-paying occupations, have seen healthy growth, and are expected to continue to be in demand.

Short answer…these are roles that companies need, want to secure the right person, and are willing to pay well to get them.

Companies are continuing to be more strategic in identifying the roles needed to push ahead of their competition. Marketing overall, and digital or online space in particular, is becoming a critical need for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. According to a study released by McKinley Marketing Partners, 81% of hiring managers plan to hire more or the same number of marketing professionals in 2016.

No longer just the territory of large brands or trend-focused business, even traditional industries like manufacturing and insurance are seeing marketing as important to their success.

Every company is realizing they need at least a basic marketing and digital plan. Many are expanding their focus way beyond the basics, creating online communities, robust interactive websites, and a strong social media voice.

The implications for creative talent should be relatively obvious. Our industry will continue to grow in size, importance, and impact. There is considerable opportunity for those with strong marketing and digital expertise.

If you have that expertise, great. Consider new opportunities, and go where you can make the greatest impact. If you don’t, start working to gain it. Do training, take a class, accept projects, create your own personal projects, do whatever it takes to get more current. And, once you get there, never stop learning.