Finding Candidates Through Social Media

By Catherine Lang-Cline

   It’s fast and it can be furious, but social media has become the great connector among us. We use it for everything, including finding candidates for the open role that we have. With access to so many ways to communicate, what works best? Let’s discuss:

   Job Board – Having a job board or job page on your website is a very effective way to communicate to would-be candidates. Many people that look for jobs target specific companies, and if your job postings are up-to-date you will get candidates that specifically want to work for you.

   LinkedIn – LinkedIn is viewed as the most professional of all the social media outlets. If you  and your company don’t have an account, you really don’t exist in business, so make sure that you have one. Once there, you can post a job that will be seen by your entire network and will hopefully be shared by your entire network.

   Twitter – Twitter will allow your job opening to be exposed to even more people in your network and, again, hopefully shared by others. Words in Twitter are limited, so the best thing to do is have a job title, brief description, and a link to where the job description can be seen in its entirety, as in a job board or your website.

   Facebook – Facebook starts to step into the more casual space of social media. Most companies have a page and it can be very easily utilized to post jobs and share it among others. But again, the space here is more casual, so be ready for that. You may also get an opportunity to get future candidates to like your page.

   YouTube – Many companies are finding that having a short video about the position and the company can be very effective. You can create your own company channel and show a variety of things that a candidate might be interested in beyond the job, like culture, values and ownership.

  Word is out and resumes come in. Maybe too many resumes? Maybe not enough of what you need? That age-old problem is the same as it was with the “want ads” it is just a different means of collecting names with new technology. If it becomes difficult or too time consuming, as always, have a staffing company or recruiter help you. Recruiters can do all of this and more for you and can get you that next perfect employee.