Your Resume: Always Be Prepared

By Kristen Harris

September is National Update Your Resume Month (yes, it’s a thing). This month I encourage you to embrace the Scout’s motto of “Be prepared,” and update your resume.

Even if you’re 100% happy in your current role, own your own business, work independently, or not currently working, it’s a best practice to always have a current, updated resume.

For resumes, my motto is always “Be prepared” because you never know when…

…the perfect work opportunity may come along.

…you might get recommended for a dream job.

…change can happen that affects your current position.

…you may be asked to join a board or volunteer organization.

…someone might nominate you for an award.

A resume is useful, and often required, in all of these situations and more. Essentially the resume is a quick overview of your work life, including work history, skills, accomplishments, and education. Reviewing your resume is often the first step someone takes to understand your background and qualifications, and the goal is to get them interested enough to meet you in person.

This month take some time to review and update the following:

  • Do you have a 3-4 line executive summary at the top?

  • Is your skills list updated? Have you learned any new software, languages or other relevant skills?

  • Are all of your relevant work experiences listed, including your current position?

  • Have you included accomplishments and successes for each role?

  • Do you have any additional continuing education or certifications to add?

  • Have you joined a board or industry organization, or done any new relevant volunteer work?

This month channel your inner Scout and “Be prepared” with an updated resume. Even if you only do this once a year, in September, you’ll be well-ahead of most people!