Meet Our Team Series: Recruiter, Derik Abbott

In the latest installment of our Meet Our Team series, we talk with Derik Abbott, who loves Columbus and all that the city has to offer! A music lover, Derik likes discovering new bands and going to shows at some of the coolest concert venues in Columbus. 


I’m Derik Abbott and have been working as a Recruiter for almost 5 years. I moved to Columbus to attend OSU in 2006 and have been here ever since. At this point, I think it would take A LOT to convince me to move away from Columbus. The city has changed so much over the past 11 years and it’s really exciting to be living here and witnessing the transformation! I currently live in the Victorian Village/Harrison West neighborhood. It’s fantastic, almost like a small town vibe within a big city.
I’m a morning person, so recently I’ve been trying to get into a routine of going to the gym in the morning instead of after work to get a good start to the day. That being said, especially during the week, I’m never really running on all cylinders until I’ve had coffee. When I get into the office, and I’m brewing my first cup of coffee for the day, I usually like to bounce around news sites, especially celebrity gossip and movie/tv rumor sites, if I have the time. I love to be in the immediate know about all the hot stories.


While working, I’ll throw on either a wrestling movie/podcast in the background or do a deep dive into a Spotify playlist. What I listen to really depends on what I have going on at work. If it’s a large stack of emails I’ll put on techno or some kind of EDM mix to keep my pace going, but if it’s a bit more subdued I’ll put on some new alt-rock. Right now I’m really into Mondo Cozmo, The Killers, Glass Animals, Saint Motel, Sir Sly, K.Flay, HAIM, Spoon, and Missio.
My girlfriend, Jade, and I typically will make dinner during the week and then watch a variety of tv shows (there is an unhealthy love for trashy reality shows.) When we aren’t doing that we are usually hitting up a local show at Newport Music Hall or Express Live. Sometimes we walk down to Zeno’s in Victorian Village for pepperoni pizza and beers. On weekends we make weekly trips to Target and Spinelli’s Deli for a breakfast. From about April through October I play on a volleyball team at Woodlands Backyard. I’m a season ticket holder to the Columbus Crew so you can find me in the Nordecke whenever there are home games!