A Day in the Life: Q+A with Brittany Bergamo Whalen

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To kick-off our new A Day in the Life series showing off creatives in and around Columbus, we have our very own Brittany Bergamo Whalen. Get to know Brittany’s background and a snapshot of her daily routine by reading our Q+A with her below. 

Brittany is a Columbus native who grew up in German Village and now resides in Clintonville. She is currently the Talent & Project Specialist at Portfolio Creative during the day, and an artist the rest of the time. She has a background in fine arts from the Columbus College of Art & Design, but she has a true affection for project/event planning and managing traffic flow, which is where her current job comes into play.

In Brittany’s spare time she is heavily involved with the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts as their Membership Manager, and Creative Babes as a member. She says that both organizations have been genuinely amazing to be apart of and have fostered some pretty awesome relationships.


I’m generally a morning person, although I’m definitely not a stranger to hitting the snooze button throughout the week. Once I’m up though, I’m up and ready to get things going. I always start my day by getting ready right away and then making some breakfast because I seem to always wake up craving food. As of late, I’ve been obsessed with making smoothie bowls. They’re so refreshing and light, which makes for a good start for me. After that I make myself some coffee, but I won’t drink it until I get to work. Going through emails doesn’t seem as daunting with a cup of coffee in hand. From there I like to make a to-do list for the day and then also check in on some of my favorite sites/blogs to get my mind set. I love staying updated with articles from ARTnews / Artforum and reading up on general life concepts on The Everygirl and Wit & Delight.


My afternoons seem to always be up in the air in regards to what I might be working on, but I always make time for lunch and a break. The break portion usually consists of watching movie trailers and random interviews with artists or actors. I don’t know why I enjoy doing this so much, but it allows for a nice pause from everything else that I’ve been focusing on. I guess I just really enjoy listening to other creatives talk about themselves and their process. I always think it’s interesting to learn what inspires others to work and create in the way they do.

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I absolutely love my evenings because they’re usually open to be filled with whatever I want to do. Sometimes I fill the time by going to events, other times it’s date nights with my husband for dinner (we love Lineage and North Star) or movies at the Gateway Film Center where we have memberships, but my favorite evenings are spent at home. I love being able to relax on the couch one minute, and then go upstairs to work in my studio the next. I try to be in my studio at least once a night even if I end up completing nothing, I just like to be surrounded by my work. This way I’m constantly considering what I want to do next, what pieces need more attention, what ideas need to be sketched out, and so on. This alone time is everything to me – to just be there with my work, listening to music (current obsessions: Francis and the Lights and Lorde, my forever go to: Bon Iver), thinking and creating. 

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