A Day in the Life: Q+A with Ansley Phillips

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In the latest installment of our Columbus Creatives: A Day in the Life series, we talk with Ansley Phillips, a killer creative director and Tennessee native, making moves and shaking things up in the 614.

My name is Ansley Phillips, phonetically pronounced “annzlee”, and no it’s not a family name. My college roommate always told people Ansley’s a normal name in the south, where I grew up, but that’s not really true. I moved to Ohio in 2006 for CCAD’s Advertising & Graphic Design program, then moved to Fort Lauderdale after graduation. But somehow I keep finding my way back to Columbus. Currently, I’m a proud resident of Weinland Park. RIP Natalia’s Carryout.

I am an Associate Creative Director at WD Partners, a Dublin-based agency focused on retail design and marketing. I’m a strategic thinker and a “big ideas” person, meaning that I’m very structured in my mind but my desk and home screen are a mess.

Ansley's highly organized iPhone home screen.

Ansley’s highly organized iPhone home screen.


My morning routine usually consists of hitting snooze, followed by a coffee quest. Sometimes Starbucks, sometimes french press. My favorite brew lately is a smooth morning blend aged in Chattanooga Whiskey barrels for an extra sweet and smoky flavor. I highly recommend it, and while the coffee obviously has no alcohol content, I’ll warn you that your morning coffee will smell like whiskey and your coworkers will give you funny looks.


A “typical” afternoon doesn’t really exist in my world. At WD Partners, we design experiences for brands and retailers. On any day, I could be designing an experiential marketing concept for Intel, co-leading a client work session with Aramark, or reimagining a category within Target. Check out my site to see some things I’ve been doing lately.

Chimichurri aka Argentina's "ranch dressing".

Chimichurri aka Argentina’s “ranch dressing”.


As indicated by my morning routine, I’m an evening person. I’m a total nerd for networking, so you can frequently find me at an AAF event or happy houring with someone talented and inspiring. I love spending time with my girlfriend (now fiancé) and our two fluffy dogs. I also love to cook and try new recipes. Okay, I never ever follow the recipe, but I do love making new things. I recently made chimichurri for the first time, which is basically Argentina’s equivalent of ranch dressing. It tasted almost as good as the real stuff in Miami. I’m admittedly also a pretty passionate tv show watcher, and if anyone understands Hulu’s new interface for the Apple TV app, please reach out.