A Day in the Life: Q + A with Tonnisha English


In the latest installment of our Columbus Creatives: A Day in the Life series, we talk with Tonnisha English, a multitasking Momma who is a digital content specialist and founded her own communications company. We commend you Tonnisha, you are a great example of all the hardworking creative SuperMom’s we have in Columbus! 

 Hi Columbus! My name is Tonnisha J. English and I am the Founder of TJE Communications; a digital marketing agency specializing in social media, email marketing, and branding for small, women-owned business. I was born and raised right here in Columbus, OH and currently live east in Pine Hills.


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My mornings are hectic and unpredictable. If my 15 months old baby girl is in a bad mood, I get the brunt of it. I usually wake up before her and turn on iHeart Radio to listen to my favorite morning show, The Breakfast Club. I l listen, laugh, and chime in (as if they can hear me) while I drink coffee and do my makeup at the same time. While I’m getting ready, the little one is sitting in my bed with a bottle of warm milk watching her favorite cartoons. Once I’m dressed, I dress her, pack our bags for the day and we’re out the door. During our drive to my grandparents’ house where she stays during the day, The Breakfast Club is still blaring. If I’m still in the house by the time the Donkey of the Day is playing then I know I am LATE! Once she’s dropped off, I head to my day job as a Digital Content Specialist at The Shipyard.


Typically in the afternoon I am working through lunch. I use this time to focus on my business. Responding to emails, working on the next event, or creating a blog post. And usually by this time I’m on my second cup of coffee. When I can get away, I spend this time picking up groceries, or running errands.


After work, I pick up my baby girl and we head home. I cook dinner, give her a bath, and on a good day, she’s in bed and sleep by midnight. During this time I am back on the grind! Working on my business and trying to think of the next steps. I’m also a sucker for reality television and record all of my favorite shows and binge watch them in the evening while I’m working. I usually shut it down by 2am. Before I go to sleep I thank God for everything, and prepare to do it all again tomorrow.