Valentine’s Day Reboot

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Let’s start with a little history because Valentine’s Day can sometimes get a bad rep for being a “Hallmark Holiday” but Valentine’s Day existed long before the Hallmark Company was created. It started as a day to honor martyrs of The Church, one of the early saints, in this case, Valentinus, did die for his beliefs, so it really didn’t get off to the most romantic start. Fast-forward to the 18th century and people start giving out cards and flowers as courting was at one of its peaks and it evolved into something more like what we see today.

Many people get upset when they do not have a Valentine on February 14. Some people put way too much pressure on themselves to have the perfect Valentine’s Day date with the person that they do have. This day does not have to be empty or over the top. Valentine’s Day instead should be focusing more on that love angle and nothing else. Let’s reboot it!

Here is the challenge:

On the morning of February 14, you need to look around and think about the love that goes in and out of your heart.

Did you wake up next to someone you love?

Are their other people in your home that you love and they love you?

Were you awaken by a furry creature that loves you unconditionally?

Somewhere in the world, does your mom love you? Dad?

Do you have a friend that you adore and simply can’t imagine life without?

ALL OF THAT LOVE needs to be celebrated.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, this year, you can view it as candy and flowers or you can take this one day and really reflect on the love that you have in your life. All of the love. Then think about how you can share the love that you have for others with them. Send a note, a text, make a phone call, buy a treat for all of the people or creatures that have touched your heart.

This holiday can come off bad in many, many ways, but only if we let it. This Wednesday celebrate all the love, because love is an amazing gift worth celebrating.