Self-Love: Ten Tips to Take Care of Me

By Kristen Harris

It’s Valentine’s Day, so who do you love? Please, please, say “me!”

This is the season for love and there is no one more important to love than yourself. Yes, go get that card and sweet gift for your special someone, then get right back here and give yourself a little self-love.

Not even sure what that is? To me, self-love is really about being nice to yourself, doing things that you love to do, treating yourself the way you would treat anyone else that you really love. It’s a funny thing–we often don’t treat ourselves nearly as well as we treat others. Let’s stop doing that!

Here are a few self-love things I treat myself to:

  1. Time Alone. I’m an introvert. I actually like to be alone and need a break from others to recharge.

  2. Chocolate. I love really good, really dark chocolate and treat myself to it on a regular basis. No further explanation needed.

  3. Hot Tea. Tea warms and soothes me from the inside out. I especially love bringing something home from a trip as a little reminder of my travels.

  4. Reading. I love to read all sorts of things, but when I’m really treating myself it’s a good fiction book. No self-help, no improving the business. Just a great story that I can get lost in.

  5. Being Nice. Overall I’m a nice person, but we are often nicer to others than we are to ourselves. It’s important to be kind, forgive myself, and not have unrealistic expectations.

  6. Hot Bath. One of my favorite ways to wrap up the weekend is a nice hot bath with a deliciously scented bath bomb. It forces me to relax while the bath bomb oils do their magic on my extra-dry skin.

  7. Say No. I simply can’t say “yes” to every request or opportunity that comes my way. See Point #1 Introvert. Sometimes saying “no” to protect my time and energy is a form of self-love.

  8. Friends. One thing I try to say “yes” to is time with friends. I love to hang out over a cup of coffee (or tea) talking about nothing and everything.

  9. Yoga. I always feel mentally and physically untangled after a nice yoga session, whether it’s a class at a studio or fifteen minutes in my basement.

  10. Be Positive. Someone recently told me that what you say aloud is probably what will happen, it’s your truth. I’ve been accused of being unnaturally happy, so I’ll consider being purposefully positive a form of self-care.

Some of these items feel a little selfish and that’s the point. Self-love is about showing yourself love, putting yourself first. Make your own list and show yourself a little love this Valentine’s Day and every day!