Your Guide in Deciding What to Wear for an Interview

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Today is the big day, the day of the interview, and you are swaying back and forth in front of your closet wondering what you should wear. There are some definite “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to picking out what you will wear, this is a guide to help you make the best choice.

  1. Pick something out the day before the interview, the week before the interview, just not the day OF the interview. This will make sure that there are no last minute problems with your attire. Everything fits properly, no buttons are missing, no holes and everything is wrinkle-free.

  2. Wear something simple. If you choose to be dramatic or daring in your wardrobe choice, it could backfire. Keep your choices simple. Ideally, no bold patterns, tailored, neutral colors, and simple lines. You don’t want your clothes to overpower you. YOU are the one that deserves the focus. If you wear something too bold or blousy that is the only thing that the interviewer will remember. If you know that everyone in that company wears t-shirts and ripped jeans, great! Wear a nice t-shirt and jeans. Elevate the look they have to be taken seriously.

  3. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Again, a statement piece could have its place, but you don’t want to be remembered for some giant pink earrings. Really determine if it looks good or if it looks distracting.

  4. Speaking of distracting, piercings, gauges, and tattoos can also be distracting. Use your best judgment. Sorry to say, it is ideal to remove piercings and to cover tattoos. You would be surprised how quickly a person can make a judgment call about you. I understand it is you. Loud and proud. But you can be you once they love you and you get the job. The last thing you want is to be completely qualified and you were immediately taken from consideration because of something that doesn’t even matter. It’s like when your mom finds out you got a tattoo. Chances are, she was already in love with you already.

  5. Wear something that makes you feel good about you. If you don’t have the clothes, go out and get them. Simple clothes in neutral colors are easy to find and they can be found at any price point. It may be worth just investing in that one power outfit and keeping it on hand for anytime you want to make a great first impression.

You are now ready for that interview. Go get that job!