A Day in the Life: Q+A with Alexa Sison

I am a Filipina originally from Cleveland, Ohio but I’ve been living in Columbus for 9 years now—currently living in Italian Village. I am a plant lover and sustainability activist. By day, I am fortunate to being doing something I really love and have fun as a Graphic Designer at Green Growth Brands.


Though I work in an office full-time, my mornings are always a little different. I like to check in with my body to see what it needs every day so some mornings, I need to stretch and do yoga before sitting down (or standing) to work at my desk, other days I go to the gym, do a guided meditation, or write in my gratitude journal. I like to ease into my day every morning reading emails and organize my tasks with a hot cup of lemon water or herbal tea.


Every day is always so different. We have a lot of exciting things happening and a lot of different types of projects so I never get bored! We’re always challenging what we can do with our designs and rooting each other on which I think helps us all to do our best work. Some days I work on analog projects like hand-lettering for a t-shirt or blog concepts. Other days, I’m grinding away on product labels for Meri + Jayne water bottles or our recently launched CBD-infused beauty products for Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy. CBD is something I personally really believe in, and I’m so thankful to get to work and live in this world every day. I’m so happy that Katie at Portfolio Creative connected me with such a great team of people.


I’m a hugeee foodie. My partner and I cook together at home a lot, but we also love going out to restaurants. My favorite places in Columbus are Comune and Alchemy. I have a lot of food restrictions, but those places always have options for me that make me feel good and taste amazing.