A Day in the Life: Q+A with Ceci Clark


I am Ceci Clark! I am a photographer, designer, but most importantly, a creative. I was born and raised in northern central Ohio by a family of creatives. My Dad is an executive chef and my Mother redesigns dilapidated houses. This sprouted my own passions and led me to be able to be unique with my methods in my art. I currently live in Delaware, Ohio and travel frequently.



I am constantly asking friends if they’d like to grab brunch with me so that I can connect with people first thing. What’s better than getting breakfast food with friends! I know I should be getting my coffee from local roasters, but I’m guilty of getting Starbucks almost every day. Mornings are also my time for discovering new music and make new playlists on Spotify often. Find one of my playlists!


My goal is to go on at least one photoshoot a day, so a lot of my planned shoots are in the afternoon! I spend most of my days in Columbus usually because I’m taking photos or at an event, so I spend a lot of time driving to the city. I am consistently with people and working with them to make something beautiful! I love that my job and my lifestyle go hand in hand.

I love to shoot at one time events like parties or special places like the Chinese Lantern Festival. I adore taking photos of people in environments where they thrive like their homes or their favorite coffee shop! I mainly look for spots with lots of character and color.

Ceci Clark Photo.jpg


I spend a lot of nights taking photos at concerts, editing pictures, or writing + recording my own music. You may catch me at Philco in the Short North or at a show sometime!

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