A Day in the Life: Q+A with Greg Topps

Snowboard Trip.jpg

I am the Business Development Associate for Portfolio Creative! I am originally from New Jersey, though Columbus has been home for over half my life. I am a very active person, from working out daily to playing sports on the weekends. I call Upper Arlington home.


I like to start my day with the weather report and some daily world news, to stay in the know! Otherwise, I enjoy listening to The Loper and Randi Show on 99.7 The Blitz as I prepare for my day, which includes a protein shake that consists of a banana, peanut butter powder and chocolate almond milk…it’s healthy and tastes like a Reese’s Cup! On the weekends, I enjoy cooking up some bacon and eggs or the occasional pancake!

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My afternoons are typically filled with meetings, so depending on who I am meeting with, no two days will be the same. If I do not have meetings, there will be research for new opportunities. I am also consistently learning, from trends within the creative industry, to organizational changes and improvements. Knowledge is power!


With the exception of hitting the gym immediately after work, my evening is anything but routine! One night I may be enjoying dinner with friends, going to a concert/sporting event, practicing for my Sunday baseball game, exploring Columbus during a bike ride, or just vegging out on the sofa binging on Netflix!