New Decade New You: How to Set Yourself Up For Your Best Year Yet

By Catherine Lang-Cline

I just read a delightful tweet by @JeffPKramer that read, “If the Millennium Falcon can be a piece of junk and fall apart continuously for decades and still be cool and kick-ass then so can you.” I don’t know about you, but that gives me a bit of “new hope”.

One of the biggest hurdles that we have when starting anything is the fear of failure. It might also be being trapped in a routine. Maybe you are a bit beaten up and you are only seeing the negative. Okay, let’s just start by admitting that we are our own worst enemy. Now what?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am showing a little more wear and tear from years of use and abuse to my body. Why I thought running would make me a healthier person is beyond me, but here I am. Not to mention, food, in general, is a huge weakness for me. So let’s talk about management. We can start here because I am sure that I am not alone on this topic. Food, drink, whatever, you will not get healthier if you don’t eat more vegetables if you don’t cut way back on sugar if you only drink on weekends…or Mondays. Accept your weaknesses and then figure out what you need to do to change it. If that part of you has been left somewhere out in space then figure out what other things can you do to keep up the fight. One program doesn’t work? Try another. Don’t like going to the gym? Find a sport. Can’t run? Walk. Love sugar? Commit to at least start having it only once a day because you have to start somewhere. Going out with friends? Wine then water then repeat if needed. Don’t self-sabotage. If your lightsaber gets knocked away, grab a blaster. There is more than one way to commit to a better you and it will not be the same for everyone. Find what works for you. Be aware that finding it might take some time.

You will also not get your dream job if you keep going back to the same grind every day. Let me first say, yay! You have a job! Then add that there is no better time to look for a job than when you have one. Now is the time to research, network, and build a strategy. By networking and getting the word out to the right people you can get a solid referral and possibly the inside scoop on a job before it is even posted. Basically, just do something! That job probably will not be at the place you are now, so be open to some real change. It also means that you will have to leave your desk. Network. If you can’t network, tell others you are looking for a change and want their help in looking. Find a recruiter and have them help you look, too.

Have you wanted to travel more but never get around to it? Personally, I had to delegate it. I have either my husband or my travel agent plan it because if I try to, it will never get done. Something always took priority or I got too lost in the details where it got exhausting. Delegate it to someone that loves it or just wing it. But I had a couple of years pass without a real vacation and it hurt my family, my business, and me. You need to step back on occasion in order to be better at what you do. Want a big trip? You might need to work up to it but at least get started but you need to just stop talking about it.

Habits are very hard to break and routines are equally as hard. Take smaller steps. Out of shape? Start with a walk and keep walking. Then start adding more. Want to lose weight? You are not going to lose 50 pounds in a year, but you can start with 10. It sucks that it is slow but even with 10 pounds you will feel amazing. If you want to eat better, remove the carb and add a vegetable. If you want a new job you will have to send out a resume. Baby steps. Put each step into your calendar and hold yourself accountable with a date of completion. “I give myself 2 weeks to buy some walking shoes.” “In a week I will walk.” Or “By March I will have my resume put together.” Then keep building your next steps and give yourself goal dates from there.

You will never be happy if you constantly remain negative, if you constantly believe that you’re never going to obtain your dream, or if you believe that you are too broken to try. Just try. Be a little scared. Struggle a little with a new challenge. I promise you that just about every person that has obtained success had the exact same fears and questions that you have night now.  The facts are you may have a little bit of mileage, possible a few broken parts but you are still cool and you still kick ass.