A Day in the Life: Q+A with Ariel Taylor


I’m a freelance Graphic Designer and aspiring cake taster for The Great British Bake Off. I dabble in witchcraft and also printmaking.


I begin every morning with an epic fight against the evil machine that is my alarm clock. Then the sweet sounds of Bowie usher me into the shower and to my first cup of tea. I hit the pavement and walk the 5 minutes to the newly renovated StewMac offices that still have that luxurious new car smell. After setting up my laptop I say “good morning” to my favorite coworkers, receive grunts as a reply, and begin working through my to-do list.  



After working on design projects and feeling a little crazy for changing colors on that one design 100 times, I stop by the copywriter’s desk. We discuss guitar art and luthiery tools* over cups of special loose-leaf tea sent from China.

I spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out if there is something wrong with my computer monitor or if that tweed amp really is a different color in every photograph. A fellow graphic designer calms me down by showing me photos of Baby Yoda. 



The workday ends at 5. I save all the files I’ve worked on and join everyone heading over to the Cider House to grab a quick, masterful cocktail and hand over our paychecks. I arrive home, kiss the fiancé, and figure out a quick dinner utilizing the magical device that is an Instant Pot. I’m always searching for ways to make the perfect taco at home so I was beyond thrilled to find an Instant Pot recipe for 1-hour carnitas. Here’s the recipe I used.

The very last moment of my day is a wave of panic as I realize I forgot to organize my Photoshop layers before I slip into a night’s sleep that is always too short. 

* Luthier tools are used to build and repair string instruments, typically guitars, that have a neck and a soundbox.