A Day in the Life: Q+A with Lara and Alfredo Weeks


Lara and Alfredo, a husband and wife team and co-founders of FRINGE22 Studio have been building their presence as entrepreneurs in the creative industry for the last ten years. They believe in “design for social impact” to be the driving force behind the work they do.

Alfredo is a Creative Strategist/Graphic designer from Washington D.C. who is a fine artist at heart. He enjoys building content and the creative direction of projects. Alfredo believes pairing culture and strategy should be the soul of every project

Lara is a Graphic Designer/Web Designer from Amman Jordan who has a thing for typography. Lara takes a bold approach to how design can be used as a tool to building bridges shaping communities.

They believe in culture being the strength behind what FRINGE22 is all about.


Lara and Alfredo usually start off their mornings with one of their daughters’ feet kicking them. Mainly because the girls felt that their bed wasn’t good enough at 2 in the morning. After the whole squad is downstairs and the kids are eating, Lara starts on a quick 15-minute session of Les Mills Bodycombat workout while Alfredo does his routine of burpees, push-ups and squats. 

Alfredo is more of a waffle and veggie sausage kind of guy, while Lara is more for toast and eggs. For them, the coffee depends on the mood. Whether its dark roast or medium roast it’s going to be black no sugar no cream.

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For Lara and Alfredo, It’s a constant back and forth between work and the kids. They think having a business and being at home is a real challenge, but wouldn’t want it any other way. This creative couple thinks it’s a privilege not to need a babysitter especially after leaving the corporate workforce. Lara is usually carrying around her laptop, while Alfredo uses the desktop computer. It’s Macs or nothing for them. They mention how it all really depends on the kids in how they’re able to get on calls and attend Zoom meetings. 

Lara and Alfredo would like for both of them to be on all calls together but sometimes they know it’s literally impossible. Alfredo mentions how they  “intertwine work with life” and how “Sometimes we have to talk about projects while changing pampers or making food, we try and make things fit”. 


Lara recently became a board member at Creative Babes and she is always looking for new ways to get involved with communities. This past summer she got back into rollerblading, one of her favorite childhood pastimes. Lara seems to keep her eyes out for a good cooking show, only to try and experiment and make some of her favorite recipes for the family to try out. Lara looks at cooking as another art form she can appreciate more every day. 


Alfredo is always working on a new art piece. From priming raw canvas to painting and even sculptures. He is constantly in search of new ways to build on his fine art concepts to help ease the creative process on the business side of things. Alfredo had to take time off from being a boxing coach but is looking forward to getting back to it real soon after a shoulder injury. Lately, he’s been working on writing a book. He’s on chapter 28 and should soon be looking for an editor.

Alfredo enjoys getting a jog in at least 3 times a week while Lara likes to catch up on here latest cooking shows.

When they have downtime and its time to eat they’re looking for something warm savory, just like Tai’s Asain Bistro on Lane Avenue. Lara mentions how “they have the best shrimp Pho in Columbus, hands down”. If they choose to stay in for the night they might opt for homemade black beans, rice and guac combination or maybe even a spread selection of Middle Eastern mini plates. With olives, pickled eggplants, hummus, mashed fava beans with olive oil, and some fresh cut cucumbers and tomatoes. 

They mention how It’s a must to have that selection of mini plates with hot Lipton tea with mint, “It warms the soul”. They’re big-time foodies. Reach out so they can tell you about the time they built and ran a food truck.

Peace and love.