Going from Fa-La-Blah to Fa-La-La!

The internet tells us that December offers the first day of Winter, the shortest day of the year, and the longest night. It is associated with Christmas and many other wonderful holidays.

 How “merry” can the holidays be this year? As merry as we want to make it.

In retail, where we started our careers, merry meant the ring of the cash register. That merriment was echoed into the travel, food, and entertainment industries. If your numbers were red all year, December was the month to turn those black.

With everything being different this year for businesses, we are looking for a different kind of merry. Don’t misunderstand us, we love a rock-solid year of business, and like many of you, we started the year by saying, “This is going to be our year!” Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. BUT…

For us, we are very happy and grateful that:

1. We are still here to serve you.

2. We have kept our team intact.

3. Everyone on our team has stayed healthy as well as their families.

4. We have had more quality time with our families and pets.

Super, simple, daydreamy sort of stuff that makes us all smile.

Keeping our head in the space of gratitude helps get us through the tough stuff, and this is all tough stuff. So we invite you to join us in spreading the cheer.

1. If you can, still give gifts this year, and lots of them, to those close to you. Together we can help retail big and small.

2. Know of someone not able to give gifts? Buy them gifts anyway.

3. Everyone is hibernating this holiday, so drag out ALL of the decorations, then see if you need more.

4. Plan a feast for your little crew, donate to those who will need food, support grocery stores and restaurants when you can.

5. If your local theater or arts group is broadcasting entertainment online, gather virtually and enjoy it.

6. If you need to travel, do so safely. Seriously…we like you and care about your safety.

This December can still be magical. We can still find joy. It also means we can bring joy to others. We CAN make this a merry time of year. FA-LA-LA-LA-LA…LA-LA-LA-LA!

Happy December, and see you all in 2021!