Take Your Dog to Work Day 2020

Take Your Dog to Work Day looks a little bit different this year. For the past few months, we’ve been able to spend more time with our pups as we’ve been working from home; and our dogs have become our co-workers as they’ve joined our virtual meetings from time-to-time! Today we are sharing how we’ve been spending time with our dogs. Scroll below to see what we’ve been up!


Derik and Crew

My co-worker Crew has been adjusting to having new people in his co-working space! One of us gets to occupy the table while the other runs around in the much more spacious grass. We both have been enjoying lots of sun!

pip with ball.jpg

Katie’s dog Pippy

Pip has been a great co-worker throughout the past few months of quarantine. Pip enjoys her daily walks and also her time to chase the ball in the backyard.


Catherine and Luna

Luna (LL Cool C) and I like to watch movies together. I get to pick the movie, she typically wants to eat all of the popcorn.


Kristen’s dogs, Rusty and Holly

These are my furry co-workers, Rusty and Holly. On nice days we have lunch outside on the deck!


Canady’s dog Moon

We love walking to explore our new neighborhood. If Moon isn’t playing with her favorite frog squeaky toy you’ll find her sunbathing in our backyard just like this, while I work in the sunroom!