The Perfect Summer For a Staycation (Summer is Not Canceled)

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Let’s face it, this year has been a bit of a drag. We have been celebrating life moments in more creative ways and best that we can and now summer is here and we all really want to do something fun. I mean, we kind of deserve it with the year that we are having, right? The world is struggling to get back “online” so this may be the year to plan an epic “staycation” or simply put, a vacation where you simply stay in place. 

So what can we do? Here are some ideas that might work for you:

Create a vacation house in your own home. When you go on vacation you stay in a cabin or room or Airbnb. What do you do differently there that you don’t do at home? Find a quiet place to read, take long walks, order some food from a place that you haven’t tried before, sleep in. Set up an entire week to do all of these things and anything else that comes to mind.

Family (or close friends) Fun Night! Plan a week of these ideas or plan on just one day of the week with fun activities. Family game night, family members take turns picking the game. Family movie night, family members take turns picking the games. Family food night, family members take turns picking the food and you can make it as a family. The days can be filled with activities that include each family member picking activities that everyone has to participate in; water balloon fights, chalk drawing, face painting, did I mention that whatever the activity grown-up people can let loose and do this, too? Plan a week full or plan every Friday through the summer.

Have an at-home sabbatical. Take a week or two off to just learn something new. Planned on a fabulous European vacation? Maybe this year you learn the language. Been wanting to teach yourself how to knit, sew, swim, dance, cook, paint, groom dogs, or maybe get a business plan together? The time is now!

Camping. There, I said it. The outdoors are a very safe place to be during a pandemic so maybe there is a place that you can drive to and get away from it all? Maybe you can just camp in your own backyard? I am not really a camper, but that backyard thing might work. Grill your food, use paper plates, have a campfire, just don’t forget the mosquito repellent!

Locations that have taken the right precautions. Many places are doing their best to keep things clean for visitors and they would love your business. It might be worth getting that mask on and giving it a safe try. Bring sanitizer and / or wipes just in case they are not immediately available. It’s not ideal, but you at least get out of the house. Again, I am going to lean toward outdoor spaces but you can go with whatever you are the most comfortable with.

This summer does not have to be a completely lost season. It could be one of the most memorable ever if we expand our minds, experiences, and relationships in a very different way. Have fun, stay safe, and stock up on the sunscreen.