Being Found on LinkedIn is Good Business

By Catherine Lang-Cline

While LinkedIn occasionally turns into something beyond a social network for business, we really want it for business. We look for connections and contacts but is your account set up so people can find you? Staying in the shadows may make you feel like you are hiding from solicitors, etc., but you could also be hiding from opportunities. Here are a few tips to let people know that you are open for business:

  1. Have a headshot of yourself. You will not be taken seriously if you omit a photo and if it is not a headshot of some type. Meaning, don’t just crop out people from a photograph leaving some random arm or hand in the shot. Head shots are very easy to obtain, even if you do it yourself with your phone. A nice background on your page also helps make your page look more professional.

  2. Put all of the things you want to be found for in your job title. For example, I have; “President and Co-Creator of Portfolio Creative • Placer of Creative Talent • Public Speaker • Board Member.” You can get a little creative here as this area is what comes up when people do a search. For me, I want people to know that I am the President of a company, but also that I do public speaking and am open for board work.

  3. Key search words can also be placed in the “About” section. Really talk about what it is that you and your company do here. People in need of a specific kind of company or have a unique opportunity will be directed here in a search. As a result, people can find companies to help them because you specifically said what it is that you do.

  4. Check your profile every six months or so to see what needs to be added. It also gives you time to check for revisions you want to make to be more searchable. New skills, new products, new promotions, all need to be updated regularly so people can see your current state of greatness.

  5. Be social. Fully utilizing LinkedIn doesn’t always mean having to post hundreds of things a year. Posting at least once a week keeps you in the game as you talk about what is all going on at your company, how you are helping other businesses, or how you are engaging in the community. You can also reply to any post, congratulate people when they change companies, engage in discussion. It’s not all about what you have to say, it is sometimes about listening and responding. Maybe you can help a person or company? Now is your chance to create a relationship. 

  6. Speaking of relationships…don’t try and create a personal relationship here. Very weird. No politics, not religion, just like Mom always told us. Word will get out about you and your company. Also, don’t throw a hard-sell at someone that you just linked with. They didn’t know you a second ago so they are really not ready to buy from you. Yet.

LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool. So much business and networking can be accomplished here if it is utilized properly and you create a way to be seen.