A Day in the Life: Q+A with Verne Ayers


A Day as a Retired Artist.


OMG! It’s 7:30 already?

Hi, I’m Verne Ayers, a retired professor of art and art teacher (aka: prof.verne). Well, better get going. Those eggs and bacon aren’t going to fry themselves. Oh yea, my coffee. I need my coffee. I think I’ll check the weather outside my apartment door first. Crap, it is cold out there. I should have expected that in Ohio in the winter. I taught at a college in Florida for several years but returned to Fairfield County, Ohio, where I was born and raised. Why? My family and friends were in Ohio – not Florida.

portfolio creative collage art n cartoons.jpg

After downing the eggs and bacon, I will finish my coffee as I get out my card stock and draw. Mostly I draw with markers. Some will be illustration and some will end up as a cartoon. I never really know when I am drawing the characters where they will end up. Some end up in a pile of original art stacked in the corner of the studio. Many are scanned into the computer where I add color, alter things and do anything else that will improve the art. Then print on good paper and add the finishing touches by hand.

portfolio creative working on paintings.jpg

If I don’t feel like making my own breakfast, I will head to the local coffee shop for breakfast where I do the marker drawings and watch people. I research there. I talk with people there. I write there and I think there. I do a lot of thinking there. Hey – I thought – that might make a good children’s picture book. Now, it is back to the apartment.


Lunchtime — a sandwich and, of course, coffee! Now it is to the studio where I study the paintings in progress for more work or start a new painting. More thinking! I must, I must, I must put pigment on that new bright white canvas. I can’t stand pure white on a canvas.  I spend a few hours in the studio while the washer and dryer do their thing.

 Okay, to be honest, a nap usually follows my studio work.

portfolio creative in comfy chair.jpg


It is now time for dinner.  Now I watch the news.  I watch a little TV.  I listen to some easy listening music and I read.  But at 76, soon to be 77, I fall asleep in my favorite – oh, so comfy – big chair.  I wake up just in time to go to bed and start all over tomorrow.  Start all over tomorrow?  Hey, this would make a good plot for a movie.