A Day in the Life: Q+A with Keli Spanier


My name is Keli Spanier. I grew up in Indiana and went to school at Columbus College of Art & Design for Fashion Design – but I probably should’ve gone for Graphic Design! 12 years ago I started my greeting card brand, Colette Paperie. I live near Cincinnati now. The story of my card brand began in my mom’s hospital room, where she was receiving boring sympathy cards and desperately needed a laugh instead of a sad card. I decided then that a funny card was the way to go. As of now, my cards are in over 500 stores worldwide.


I sleep through most mornings.


I work in a studio every day which I usually roll into around noon. It’s full of card inventory: piles and piles of notepads, greeting cards, sticker sheets & a million types of paper, a shipping station, printers & die-cut machines, photo studio area, and of course a big TV overseeing it all. I like to have sitcoms rolling the majority of my worktime. What I do during that time depends on whether I’m feeling productive or creative – I process orders and try to get as many new designs out as I can. My industry is constantly changing and I try to make relatable items that are socially relevant.


In my spare time (ha, ha) I help my husband photograph weddings, teach hand lettering, and go to my stepdaughters’ sports events. I am constantly in the car during the evenings. I usually spend that time reading books or drawing. I’m kind of a workaholic, to be honest. My husband and I have both done a lot of philanthropic work and it’s something we think is extremely important. With our flexible schedules, we can really make a difference. We are actively fundraising for GO Pantry, a local food bank, and raised funds to build a playground at the St. Elizabeth Hospice Center in Northern Kentucky.

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