A Day in the Life: Q+A with Michelle C. Burmeister

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Hi I’m Michelle C. Burmeister. I am a licensed Interior Designer by day working for Meyers and Associates Architecture, by night I operate a conceptual clay accessories business for women and children called Earthy Abstractions. My obsession with textiles and accessories stems from my exposure to the ongoing trends and technology that are constantly evolving within products that I deal with on a daily basis. I have the luxury of seeing all kinds of new trends in textiles, ceramics, and the furniture world, and that exposure directly translates to my accessories business.

Earthy Abstractions (EA) is conceptual clay jewelry that compliments and expresses each individual’s sole composition while encouraging originality, confidence, and conversations with the world about one’s external abstractions. It’s interesting, the items that we choose to wear every day are pieces of artwork that showcase and represent who we are. Throughout our day we have these interactions with others and it creates these moments to break the ice with strangers or create social connections with those that we know in potentially a deeper conversation all because of a pair of earrings, a necklace, or any other accessory. That is what my products are about. Each piece of jewelry is crafted off the concept of visual language – that not only ourselves but also by the jewelry that we choose, everything is composed of our own unique form, shape, lines, and color that expresses our personal identity.

I grew up in Lisbon Ohio, a small town in the rural Youngstown area. I spent many a day with family, friends, and a large assortment of different pets. College took me to Kent State University for Interior Design and Marketing and then an eventual job brought me to Columbus following graduation. I love Columbus and consider it my home now, especially since that is where I met my husband who has been my biggest cheerleader. We currently live in Clintonville and both of us love it there based on the fact that neither of us grew up in an urban environment and we are really getting to experience the joys of that lifestyle full time now.

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My weekends and evenings are primarily allocated to EA. Every evening & weekend are different which makes it as enjoyable as a typical workday, bouncing between different tasks keeps me motivated and helps me balance everything that goes into keeping things running smoothly. Luckily, every morning I am accompanied by my two felines and their shenanigans to get the day started. Music that always gets my creative juices flowing includes anything from my two favorite artists: Anthony Green and Quinn XCII.

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Afternoons on a weekend vary, from updating stock online to experimenting with new techniques, and designs for future shop releases online. What I love most about having this business is that it allows me to bring ideas to life and there’s always something new to look forward to or an exciting challenge to overcome. Taking photos, keeping our books up to date, or getting marketing posts up on IG, are always something to do to round out the end of the week or round out the afternoon.

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In my free time, I love thrifting Mid-Century Modern furniture or vintage floral clothing pieces to add to my ongoing collection. You will also find me obsessing over plants and flowers ( indoors or outdoors!). I enjoy gardening, tending to the aforementioned array of houseplants, or my latest creative venture: learning how to paint them. On the weekends, taking a break from working to hop on over to Local Cantina for tacos and margaritas is one of my favorite activities to help unwind from my busy week.

Follow Earthy Abstractions on Instagram at @earthy.abstractions. Photos by @annamcdonoughphoto.