Are You Following Me?

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Jobs open and close quickly. Once they appear, if you are not submitted within the first week, chances become less likely that you will be selected to interview unless they are struggling to fill it. How can you make sure that you know ASAP that a job is open? Follow your recruiter.

It seems very simple but if you are working with a recruiter or with a company of recruiters you will see almost every job they are trying to fill if you follow them. You may ask yourself, “If I have already signed up with a recruiter or company, won’t they just contact me about an open role? The answer is yes… and no.

Why you wouldn’t get contacted:

  1. If you are in their database, you may not come up in a search of that database because certain keywords are missing from your file.

  2. You may not have an updated file. If you have learned new skills, been given new responsibilities, or are changing your career direction, they will not have the new data.

  3. If your contact information has changed.

  4. If you have not been in touch since your last job, because we sometimes assume that you are very happy in your current role.

How do you fix that? Stay in touch with your recruiter and the easiest way is to simply follow them. If you see a job posting that you are interested in, contact your recruiter. A quick note or conversation can draw lines from your experience to the requirements of the new role. “Can I hear more about this role that you posted? Because I think I am a fit for this,” can expedite you to the top of the list.

When working with thousands of files the brain can only hold so much information. The database can help, but it isn’t perfect and it can’t be updated unless we tell it to. Not to mention, you could THINK you have the perfect job until you see another job that sounds even more so. And the only way you would know about it is if you follow your recruiter.

Did I mention following your recruiter? You can follow us on LinkedIn for marketing roles at Portfolio Creative.