Stacks and Stacks of Resumes

By Catherine Lang-Cline

September is international update your resume month! And while we spend a lot of time with our talent getting their resumes ready to stand out, we wanted to have a little conversation about what it is like for YOU to get some of those resumes. A LOT of those resumes.

In most circumstances, when we approach a potential client, we are wanting to know if we can help them with their next marketing search. Most try initially to do it themselves and that is perfectly okay. Post that job! But what are your results? For A LOT of jobs, the more candidates apply, the better. You need hands to get work done. When it comes to marketing, the skills and the style are more important than the quantity that apply and that is where we come in.

If you work with us:

  1. You won’t get hundreds of resumes to look through. We are doing the looking and presenting you with the very best few.

  2. Time is saved because we have pre-vetted every one of those choices to match your skill sets required and your culture.

  3. There is no need to worry about negotiating, we know your range and we know their range and if there is any debate beyond that, we take care of that discussion for you.

  4. You like their style, but are still not sure? We can arrange a temp-to-hire situation so you “try before you buy” if the circumstance allows.

We completely understand that it takes hours and hours of your time to go through those stacks of resumes. Have you ever done things like this to make the task go faster? Kick out the one with the one typo? Eliminate the person that was missing one of the skills you requested? Take out the ones with a break in employment? The bad news is that might have been the dream candidate. The good news is that we know these people and know who is worth passing on and who is worth passing on to you.

Treat yourself to an amazing resume month by delegating the search through that pile of resumes to us. As a matter of fact, we will make our own pile to sort through as we know the people looking and the ones that are thinking about looking. We also can help if you are not getting many resumes at all. You might be slightly off with expectations or job title or maybe you just missed the one place that all of the good candidates hang out. We can help with that.

We recruit. You hire. Problem solved.