What You Want vs What They Want, Working Redefined

By Catherine Lang-Cline

The American Staffing Association recently completed a survey asking both companies and candidates about their workspace arrangements. The results may surprise you.

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Their survey indicates that while 43% of companies are doing hybrid, 69% of employees want a hybrid. Regarding full office, companies are doing 38% and only 7% of employees actually want full in office.

Out of curiosity, we conducted our own survey asking if candidates would take a job that did not offer remote or hybrid as an option and the results are very similar.

ScreenShot2022 03 21at3.50.10PM

But as a company you get to decide, right? Yes! Just be aware that the employees are shouting very loudly as to what they are looking for and unless you are a match for what they want, they will look elsewhere. What can you do?

  1. Stick to your guns and just find people that want to return to the office.

  2. Think of a way that you can accommodate both in and out of the office.

  3. Get rid of that office space and go full remote. Which is a completely different article that I wrote about.

Finding and keeping talent has gotten a whole lot trickier because before you just needed to write a job description and now it is so much more. If you need help in finding that in office, hybrid or, fully remote marketing person we at Portfolio Creative would love to help.