Amplifying Impact and Creating Rainbows: A Day in the Life with Annabelle

Amplifying Impact and Creating Rainbows: A Day in the Life with Annabelle

For this installment of our A Day in the Life series, we connected with designer, marketer, and creative thinker, Annabelle Schofield. 

With our help, Annabelle recently started a new role as Marketing Coordinator with one of our clients! As she settles into her new position, we wanted to learn more about her day and creative perspective. We found her collaborative visual approach inspiring, and we hope you’re inspired too!

#1 – Sell Your Job! 

Q: What tagline would you use to sell your job as a product?

A: “Crafting Connections, Amplifying Impact”

Annabelle working on a desktop computer

#2 – Your Work Anthem

Q: What song describes your work and why?

A: “She’s a Rainbow” – Rolling Stones 

I appreciate how the song observes and articulates the intricate details of a rainbow, expressing genuine admiration. It resonates with marketing, where our ability to keenly focus on nuances of any subject allows us to passionately share those details with others. It’s similar to uncovering the beautiful colors of a topic and eagerly conveying our excitement to captivate and inform everyone around us.

#3 – Superpower Swap

Q: If you could swap jobs with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

A: I would be any Marvel superhero because they focus on collaboration and unwavering commitment to teamwork. Collaboration is key!

#4 – Emoji Translator

Q: What three emojis represent your typical workday?

A:  💻 Never go anywhere without my laptop.

🎨 Paint because we get to create content.

🖼️ Frame because we also get to show the content to the world. 🙂

IMG 0191 scaled

#5 – Today is a Fairytale

Q: Describe your perfect day as a creative!

A: I would like to have a day where I get to work closely with a lot of team members. I always learn so much from a conversation, so the more collaboration the better!


Q: How would you describe Portfolio Creative in one word?

A: Encouraging!

Awww, thanks Annabelle! Everyone on our team is driven by working with creatives and seeing them thrive in their careers. Hearing this makes our day a fairytale too. 🥰


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