What’s hot in the Central Ohio creative industry? Or, more importantly, who’s hiring?

Recently Chris Kavinsky at White Boxer Design asked a great series of questions, and posted the answers on his blog. His questions were insightful and timely, and are even more so today.

One question was “…what are you seeing at the hot skills or jobs companies are looking for…”

Interactive, interactive, interactive. I can’t say it enough. We certainly have requests for a variety of types of design and creative functions (and you can see the full answer on Chris’ blog), there are a lot of opportunities out there that are not interactive. But if you are at all interested and involved in web, interactive and multimedia creative work–please keep pursuing it.

When Roger Black, with a reputation built on decades of traditional magazine design, shows his latest work designing websites and interactive magazines…people, there’s no turning back. The web is here and it needs you. It needs good designers with a strong sense of color, typography, branding and page layout. Developers who can make magic happen online. Writers who can say what needs said clearly and with a strong voice. Project managers who can help bring it all together.

With that said, we’re always looking for good web people for our clients too.