We are creative people,
helping creative people. 

Why is Portfolio Creative different?

In their past lives, the owners, Kristen and Catherine, were designers and art directors. They needed good people, but had no reliable way to find them. That background and experience helps the Portfolio Creative team understand your needs and expectations. We’re not salespeople. We’re creative people just like you, helping you get your job done in a new way. 

How does Portfolio Creative find talent in their network? 

With years of creative experience, we know a lot of people. In addition, we are constantly recruiting and searching for new talent at all stages of their career in a variety of professions. So, when you call with a request, we’ll have the perfect person to fit your needs and your budget. 

What if I am not pleased with the person Portfolio Creative sends me?

We work very hard to make sure that we connect the right talent with each project. However, if you are not pleased with our selection, just say so within the first four hours and you don’t pay for it. Probably even more important to you, we’ll get you a new person as soon as possible so you can keep your project on track.

Who is the employer of your associates, Portfolio Creative or my company?

On the days they work through us, our talent are employees of Portfolio Creative. This saves your company of employer duties such as tax withholding and worker’s compensation.

I have a direct hire position. What do I need to know?

Portfolio Creative has successfully been working on and placing people into direct hire positions since the inception of our business in 2005. We have the resources to take on any search within the advertising, marketing, design and communication fields to identify and successfully hire the best person for your role. Our fee to perform this service is based on a percentage of the person to be hired’s first year annual salary. You should have a job description that contains all the requirements for this person to be successful. Additionally, you should be able to effectively communicate what your company culture is all about. We’re successful because we listen to what you need.  

What if I want to convert a freelance job to a fulltime position?

That’s great! If you really like a person that we’ve found for you and you’d like to consider them for a full-time position, just let us know. We’ll speak to the talent, and if the agreement is mutually acceptable, we’ll help work out the details. And don’t worry about expensive buy-out fees. Our fees are very reasonable and we work to keep them that way so our talent can land that dream job.

I need Portfolio Creative’s services. How do I get started?

Contact us with the details of your project and we’ll get started! We’ll put together a list of potential talent, you pick the person you want and we’ll get the project started.