Don’t Roll the Dice on Hiring: Why Using a Recruiter is a Winning Bet 

Don't Roll the Dice on Hiring: Why Using a Recruiter is a Winning Bet

Are you prepared for another challenging year in talent acquisition? 

In the last three years, employers and hiring managers have been overwhelmed with issues and challenges in the workforce. The labor market and the workforce underwent a series of huge disruptions. This exposed already widening gaps, highlighting serious problems in the standard hiring process. 

For one, 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in the last two years. Unfortunately, many analysts say this Great Resignation trend has yet to subside.¹ On top of that, the talent shortage continues to grow because of an ongoing skills gap between what companies need and what skillsets job candidates actually possess. 

Not to mention that the demands and preferences of job seekers have greatly changed. You’ve noticed that too, huh? Most people in our industry want more flexibility in their jobs. While some expect some type of hybrid arrangement, others prefer fully remote.  

Also, if you have a tedious hiring process, some candidates won’t even stick around for it even with the promise of a hefty salary and over-the-top benefits. 

There’s no doubt we’re in a candidate-driven labor market, making talent acquisition even more difficult. Employers and hiring managers are finding it incredibly challenging to fill vacancies and crucial positions in their organizations.  

The Perils of DIY Hiring 

Most companies hire their own employees. You probably do too. But, like lots of DIY projects, most of the time, this creates more problems than it’s worth.² Here are a few issues we see over and over with our clients.  


That’s right, just like that failed home plumbing project, DIY hiring can cost more than hiring a pro to do it right from the beginning. Have you ever thought about the true cost of hiring the wrong person for your company? 

Think about all the hours, effort, advertising, evaluating, coordinating, and background checking poured into a candidate only to turn out to be a poor performer or mediocre at best. 

Being blindsided in the hiring process can be disastrous and extremely counter-productive for your organization. However, hiring managers are busy with their day-to-day responsibilities. They aren’t hiring professionals, and don’t have a foolproof process for finding the right candidates. Often, they don’t have any hiring process at all. 


All job candidates know they have to put their best foot forward during the hiring process. They show their best work, they practice answers to interview questions, and they line up solid references. No amount of tests or panel interviews will truly allow you to really get to know your prospective employees. 

Plus, like we said, as an employer it’s not your job to focus on hiring. However, it is your job to build the right team, run an efficient organization, and ensure that your employees are all working in the company’s best interests. 


Your ability to win the DIY hiring game is extremely limited. Even if you have dedicated people on your hiring team, it’s like throwing a small net in a vast ocean. With the job market being extremely competitive, you need a hiring system that is efficient, quick, and seamless.  

You need to cast a wide net using multiple resources to find candidates. Yet, at the same time, draw in candidates who are a great fit for your company culture. This is a very tall order, and even more challenging when you’re trying to hire DIY style. 

Partnering with a Recruiting Firm 

Overwhelmed? No worries, we’ve got you. Let us share some of the benefits of partnering with a recruiting firm.   

First of all, it’s good to know that a recruiting firm (like ours) may be able to help you with direct hire full-time positions, temporary contract positions, and everything in between. Different firms have different specialties, so be sure you pick the right partner for your needs. Now, back to the facts. 

A recruiting firm serves as the liaison between job candidates and employers. Its main job is to match qualified candidates with its partner client companies who need to hire. 

If you’re stuck and wondering whether it’s time for your company to partner with a recruiting firm, then the answer is probably yes! Let’s break down the top 5 benefits companies get when they partner with a recruiting firm. 


A recruiting firm or staffing agency can hire all kinds of employees on your company’s behalf. Whether you need full-time permanent employees, temporary contractors with specialized skills, or someone part-time to cover a gap, firms like ours focus on providing you with the right person at the right time.³ 


Most companies don’t need a full-time talent acquisition team solely focused on hiring people. So why not outsource your hiring needs altogether? 

Recruiting firms handle the hiring for you, and staffing firms employ temporary employees for as long as you need them. They get paid when they successfully fill your open position and continue managing the employees.  

This is especially true if your company needs temporary staffing at specific times of the year. Instead of spending so much on direct hires, tapping into temporary, contract, or part-time people can help you focus spending only on hiring and paying talent when you need them.  

Working with a recruiting firm can give you a real opportunity to streamline your hiring expenses!


Hiring a recruiting firm allows you to find the best fit among many job candidates without requiring tons of your time. These services work closely with job seekers every day, and really get to know their personality, credentials, core competencies, areas for improvement, preferences, values, and priorities.  

Having this kind of knowledge allows the firm you’ve partnered with to match you with the perfect candidate for the role. They consider your company culture, values, work style, and overall vibe when recommending candidates so you find the right person as quickly as possible. 


Wouldn’t you love to test everything before committing? If you decide to go the contract-to-hire route with your staffing partner, you’ll get to evaluate the new employee’s performance before hiring them onto your team. While some applicants are looking for a full-time position, plenty of others are open to the flexibility of contract and contract-to-hire options

While you’re trying them out first, they’re trying you out too. Your potential new hire gets to see what your company is like from inside. That way, if you decide to commit to each other long-term, you’ll both know it’s a good fit. 


The right recruiting partner will work double-time to give you the talent that you need! With in-depth industry market knowledge, a firm like ours knows which platforms, channels, and insider groups will lead us to top marketing and creative talent. Not to mention the extensive personal networks that we’ve built from literal decades of working in this industry. 

We’re focused on finding the very best candidates for your role, and sometimes that next great hire is hiding somewhere you never would have thought to look.  

By hiring the right recruiting firm, you’ll increase your talent pool, reduce hiring expenses, and streamline your recruiting process so you’re only talking to the very best candidates. Bet on your recruiting partner; we’ve got you covered.  


Clearly, there can be a lot of benefits gained by working with a recruiting or staffing firm. But also keep in mind that not all recruiters are equal. Most firms have an industry, skill set, or region that they specialize in–make sure that their specialty matches your need. 

If you’re looking for a firm that specializes in connecting clients with top marketing and creative talent, let’s talk. Portfolio Creative is an award-winning women-owned firm with a long history of helping clients find exactly the talent they need.  

Don’t roll the dice with hiring–let us help you win the best talent out there. Talk to us today! 


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