Free Networking Ideas

I just read an article in Woman’s Day, entitled Bounce Back From Anything. The article mentions a woman who started her own social networking/support group after she lost her job, SWAN, which stands for Smart Women Are Networking. The group meets once a month to give each other encouragement and remind each other of their strengths. This is a great idea, how can you do something similar for yourself? It’s easy to get into a rut, with one negative thought leading to another and another. By getting together with other people who are in your same situation you can see that you are not alone, and it’s a boost to your ego to be reminded of your strengths by other people.  You can create a group of your own in your area, or find one on-line.

In her blog, Career Karma, Sharon DeLay mentions that another way to network for free is to attend free webinars, seminars, or teleconferences.  Don’t forget about the people hosting them, they can be a wealth of information too.  These can double as something to add to your resume as well.  To read more visit:

If you’re not already using LinkedIn, check it out. It’s free to your average user, and can help you connect with a tremendous variety of people that can keep you moving forward in your career or job search. Find people who work where you want to work, connections at a company that is posting a job you’re interested in, or just a mentor in your field.