Ratha’s Design Outlook: A Gamified Adventure Path to Creativity 

Ratha’s Design Outlook: A Gamified Adventure Path to Creativity 

On our path to bringing back our A Day in the Life Series, it’s time to embark on a journey seen through the eyes of Graphic Designer Ratha Seng. Have you ever played a game, or have you seen a Swiss army knife? This is how Ratha describes his daily activities—full of fun, amazement, and lots of opportunities to showcase his skills!  

This journey, marked by personal advocacy and career growth, highlights Ratha’s appreciation for the people and circumstances that have shaped his path. It’s a story that transcends design; it’s about being grateful for every chance to shine and every lesson learned along the way. Ratha’s perspective on design and life is a masterclass in embracing creativity to the fullest.  

Join us as we uncover his daily endeavors, and let his approach inspire you to unlock your full potential, not just in design, but in important facets of your life. 

Gamify Your Work: Not Your Regular 9 to 5 Grind 

Much like how people kick start their day with something they love, such as brewing a fresh cup of coffee or taking a short walk, Ratha’s day begins the same as he eagerly embarks on his daily tasks.  

But what sets Ratha’s day apart is that he doesn’t view his work as a typical 9-to-5 job with a rigid to-do list. He treats each day like a collection of exciting ‘side quests’ in a video game. This mindset keeps him open to the unexpected and always ready to immerse himself in creative challenges anytime, anywhere.  

Ratha’s daily routine is somewhat like coming across ‘exclamation points’ or new quests on the map. He juggles a diverse array of tasks, including graphic design, photography, 3D designs, film, storyboarding, and even modeling!! Each day unfolds like an action-packed game, offering random but exciting responsibilities. That’s the beauty of design—it’s a new adventure every day! 

Epic Boss Battles: Embracing the Big Moments in the Unpredictable Game of Design 

Since Ratha’s day-to-day is guided by a series of ‘side quests’ that keep his skill sharp and his creativity flowing, one could say he doesn’t have ‘main quests’ or core responsibilities. This lack of a singular, overriding mission allows him to fully invest and cherish the moments when a significant project—a ‘big boss’ event—comes along. These are rare, like those epic, once-in-a-blue-moon game events that thrill and challenge players.  

When these pivotal projects arise, they serve as opportunities to make a substantial impact. For Ratha, completing a ‘big boss’ project gives him a profound sense of accomplishment and growth, enhancing both team dynamics and his personal portfolio of experiences. It’s as if each smaller task hones his abilities daily, preparing him for these grand battles. 

Designers Are Humans Too: Get Ready for Flat Tires! 

Along with the triumphs, Ratha’s journey is enriched by moments of humility and gratitude that keep him grounded. Despite being a professional designer—who conquers big boss fights—he’s not immune to life’s little hiccups, like the day he and his boss found themselves wrestling with a flat tire.  

These instances are subtle reminders of the humility that defines our shared human experiences, reinforcing the notion that, at the core, we are all simply human, united in facing life’s unexpected twists. These instances of vulnerability and humanity are not detours from our creative paths but integral parts of our journey, adding depth and relatability to each of our unique roles. 

Ratha’s Humble Approach to Work and Life 

What truly stands out about Ratha is his profound sense of gratitude. He finds joy in the little things, like when he expressed overwhelming appreciation for the opportunity to be featured in a magazine. Despite the creative energies he pours into his work, he maintains a humble perspective. He realizes that life is about being thankful for every experience, no matter how big or small.  

Ratha’s journey reminds us that a career in design is not just a job—it’s an adventure. With a mindset that sees each day as an opportunity to explore the unknown, tackle exciting challenges, and embrace life’s surprises, Ratha embodies the essence of creativity.  

It’s a mindset that inspires us to live like we’re on a beach, just like Ken from Barbie—grateful, carefree, and always ready to take a dip in the ocean of life. Ratha’s message to all creatives and designers is clear:  

“Unleash your inner Swiss Army knife, embrace every side quest, and find wonder in the small things.” 

Beyond Design: Ratha’s Tale of Finding Comrades 

Ratha recently found a strong and supportive ally in this journey—Portfolio Creative. Our relationship with Ratha is not just a professional success but also strengthened through the power of support and belief.  

Describing the firm as an “Advocator,” he shares a narrative of thankfulness for the opportunities and guidance we provided him. Starting from the outset of his career, Portfolio Creative recognized his potential and championed his talents. We didn’t just offer him a job; we gave him a platform to excel and evolve rapidly, securing a promotion and a significant salary increase within six months—a testament to our faith in him and his abilities.  

Cultivating Your Swiss Army Knife: Ratha’s Blueprint for Creative Success 

Ratha’s approach to design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a testament to the power of embracing and cultivating a diverse skill set. Each individual possesses a unique combination of abilities and strengths. In Ratha’s case, his eclectic array of skills—from graphic design to film work—highlights the importance of versatility in the creative industry.  

By recognizing and honing these various skills, one can navigate the professional landscape with flexibility and resourcefulness akin to a Swiss Army knife, a tool celebrated for its multi-functionality. Just as Ratha utilized his skills in various fronts of his role as a Graphic Designer, we hope to exemplify your unique abilities in diverse areas and let your inner creativity shine.  

Your creativity is a multifaceted tool waiting to be explored, and your journey, like Ratha’s, is full of endless possibilities. So go out there and let your creative spirit soar! 


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