Handling freelance work on your resume

Q. What do I put on my resume when I continually freelance for a certain client over and over again? Or when I do a lot of short-term freelance projects for a variety of clients?

A. Great question, we get this one a lot. Our suggestion is to make your current position Freelance (Designer, Writer, Cat Trainer, whatever you think is the best description of yourself). For the dates use whenever you left your previous position until Present, or whenever you first started doing freelance work (even if you were working somewhere else at the same time) until Present. Then layer ALL the freelance work you do or have done under that heading. As long as it falls within that timeframe you don’t need to include dates for each project. But it is good to list various clients or projects, and a little bit about what you did for each, so people get a feel for the work you’ve been doing.

It’s pretty common for people to freelance in our industry, instead of or concurrent with a fulltime position. Just make sure you handle it in a simple and easily understood manner so it’s clear that it’s not a series of short-term positions (that worries people).