Job Hunting in a Down Market

Okay, so it’s not a great time to be looking for a job. But is there ever really a great time? For most people job hunting is one of the most stressful processes they go through no matter what the economic situation. Layer in all of the recent financial craziness, and you might just want to close your eyes and hope it’s all just a dream, or nightmare. Open your eyes! That’s not going to help, in fact in a down market you need to be doing more not less.

When companies are hiring less and more people are looking, then it is even more critical that you stand out as the best candidate in every way. You need a resume that highlights your experience in the best possible light, a top-notch portfolio, a great positive attitude, interviewing skills that help you show how great you are, and as many connections as you can get. You have to be twice as good as everyone else, and that takes work. Take advantage of every resource you can find, even the ones you don’t think you need. Think you have a great resume? Have someone review it anyway. Believe you’re a fantastic interviewer? Have a professional work with you and give you feedback. Current on all your software? Learn something new. No matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement.

And whatever you do, don’t do this. Poor guy, what was he thinking?!