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Matt Musselman (he/him)


E: matt@portfoliocreative.com

C: 614-467-8713

As a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Retail Advertising, Matt has spent over 30 years supporting organizations like RH Macy & Co., Victoria’s Secret, Limited Too/Justice, and Bath and Body Works. His various leadership roles—design and art direction, product development, and print and package engineering— showcase a refined, holistic understanding of the commercial arts. The 1992 National Paperbox and Packaging Association’s Best of Show and 2001 Gravure Printing Association of America’s Golden Cylinder Award notate such creative knowledge. Fun fact: a true expert, he holds a U.S. Patent for a bottle pump design!

Matt is passionate about teaching and coaching creative individuals, ultimately helping them navigate the industry and uncover their potential. In his spare time, he enjoys antiquing and savoring local cuisine with his family.