The most difficult searches are about finding just the right individuals. We look at the challenge through two lenses: yours and the creative person doing the work. The result? We bring you the best fit for your role.



Call or send us an email and let us know what position you’re looking to fill. {not sure if your role qualifies? just call and ask!}


We’ll send you our agreement and get the ball rolling. 


Our team will search our network to find the best candidates. Fortunately, we know our talent personally, so we can quickly compile a list of possibilities for your position.

We’ll contact you with a list of qualified matches. You choose the individual(s) you want, or you let us know if you’d like to interview a few people.

Our talent will be at your business on the days and times you need.

We’ll check in to make sure you’re completely 100% happy.

Need to recruit for a direct hire position?


The secret behind our matchmaking success is simple: it’s listening. Beyond our years of experience and our uncanny ability to spot a great fit when we see it, listening gives us a true understanding of who you’re looking for, and why. And it guides every step in our search for the leader who meets your needs—not just on paper, but in personality, talent, and timing. (So when you’re ready to make an offer, they’re ready to say yes.)

We bring you pre-screened, qualified candidates based on your requirements. We arrange interviews and other meetings as needed. We’ll be a partner every step of the way, from negotiations to acceptance of an offer. We check in to make sure you’re completely 100% happy.

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