Start the Summer with a REBOUND!

Because I’m a book nerd, I get a daily “book club” email through the library. It’s pretty cool, they start a book on Monday and run a few pages each day that week. You get through about the first chapter, if you like the book you can check it out or purchase it.

A recent book was Rebound, by Martha I. Finney. I only read the first few excerpts, but it’s very timely so I’m sharing it with our readers. If you read it and like it (or don’t) please let us know!


Been laid off? Fired? Pushed out? See it coming? This book will help you get back on your feet, develop a plan of action, and find your next great job!
Real Answers From Real Experts:
* What to do first…and what never to do
* How to cope with the havoc, trauma, and anger
* How to protect your professional reputation
* How to keep your options open
* Know your rights
* What to do while you’re out of work
* How to safeguard your finances
* What to tell your family
* How to keep it from happening again

How to come back stronger and better than ever!