Surprising Traits Key to Career Success

Great recent article about three suprising characteristics that help people succeed in their careers. Humility. Faith. Optimism. Not what you were expecting, right? Once again it’s clear how it takes more than skills, training and work experience to succeed in today’s job market. Those may be the expected, base-level requirements, but employers are looking for more in their ideal candidate.

Humility. A rare trait, and one that may not be expected at higher levels. Think you only get ahead by being cutthroat and climbing the ladder on the backs of others? That may bring you short-term gain, but not long-term success. Few people get to higher levels without supporters and mentors, and by being a supporter and mentor to others as well, they gain a support system that lasts their entire career.

Faith. Believing in what you do, and what your company does, may sound a little trite. But honestly, how can you spend the amount of time and energy that is required to succeed on something you don’t care about? If you don’t believe in your company, product, job or mission, find something you can believe in. It may not mean changing jobs, maybe it’s just gaining a better understanding of what you do and why it’s important.

Optimism. Frankly, no one wants to work with the sad-sack or constant complainer. Taking the optimistic view about yourself, your career, company and role leads to much more positive daily interactions. No one can afford to just blindly follow, we all have to take care of ourselves of course. But if you assume the best while asking the right questions, you’ll be both optimistic and realistic.