A Whole New Mind, by Daniel Pink

Great interview with Daniel Pink, one of my favorite authors. Did you know he’s from Columbus, Ohio? Oh, it’s true!

His newest book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, suggests that creative, artistic, empathetic right-brain thinkers are wired for 21st-century success. He’s been quoted as saying the MFA is the new MBA. In the same way that automated processes and machines replaced laborers, now logical technical left-brain tasks can (and are) outsourced overseas or done by computers. But creative thinking and ideas can’t be outsourced. Therefore, his theory goes, having the skills and ability to tap into our right-brain side will be a huge benefit in the new creative economy. Great news for all of us designers, artists, writers, storytellers, and otherwise right-brain thinkers!